How it works

Use the system within three simple steps!!! 

Step 1: Borrow a bicycle

       To borrow a bicycle you must be a registered user of the system.
       If you are not a registered user, click here to see "How do I Sign-up".

  1. Insert your CycloCard in the reader (or type your CycloName) and press "next" on the screen.
  2. Enter your PIN.
  3. Choose "Get a bike". On the screen you can see your bike's stand number.
  4. Walk to the bike stand and press the flashing button.
  5. Pull the bike backwards.


Step 2: Use a bicycle

  1. Check the tires, brakes, the bell and adjust the height of the bicycle you have borrowed.
  2. Read our tips for safe cycling, which are indicated on the station's kiosk.

       You are ready for the bike ride!


 Step 3: Return the bicycle

  1. Push the bike in the free slot of the station. The system is automatically informed. Locking is confirmed by changing sound and the blinking green light. Please Confirm that the bicycle is locked properly, otherwise it remains indebted to you!


System sign up procedure

In order to register in the system you have three choices:

     A. Station-kiosk  ( pay once 1,00 € )

        1. Press  «Subscribe»
        2. Follow the instructions on the screen.
An sms with your passwords will be sent to the address and mobile – number you have provided.


      B. Webpage ( pay once 1,00 € )

        1. Click Here or go from homepage  at the top right, «Sign up».

        2. Fill in the registration form. 

        3. Type your Credit / Debit card number or pay via Viva Wallet. 

        4. Wait till you receive a confirmation mail sent upon completion of transaction.


      C. Citizen’s Office of Municipality of Chania ( FREE )

        1. Make a Photocopy of
your Passport or Greek national ID
Greek official document with Tax Registration Number (E1, etc)
Go to the Citizen’s Office of Municipality of Chania (Ypsilanton & Mylonogianni).
Fill in the application form, read the terms of use [ See Terms of Use] and sign.
Receive free CycloName & CycloPin.

 You are ready to borrow a bike and enjoy your ride!